Qutub Shahi Tombs Morning Photo Walk

What it is

The seven monarchs of the Qutub Shahi empire lie entombed in a vast necropolis that contains some of the most photogenic tombs in history. Towering onion-shaped domes atop massive tombs mark the final resting places of the kings, and the funerary complex gives an insight into their death ritual. The entire complex is filled with greenery, and is a popular picnic spot for locals. All of this makes for very good photography - architecture, people and interesting compositions.

What you will see and shoot

Architecture: The tombs are well-preserved, and more importantly, are easily accessible. There are numerous buildings within the complex that typify the architecture of the Qutub Shahis, and the tombs are a delight for the architecturally minded.

Light and shade: The tombs are large and unlit from within, and the only light is the sunlight streaming through the small doors and the occasional grate set high on a wall. This means dramatic lighting and an unbeatable atmosphere.

People: The tombs have been a popular picnic spot for the locals for over a century, and that makes for very interesting pictures. Visitors throng the grounds of the tombs in the cool of the morning, and their colorful attire against the ancient buildings make for interesting compositions.

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