Golkonda Fort Morning Photo Walk

What it is

A morning spent exploring the extensive Golkonda Fort, capital of the Qutub Shahi kings. From the ancient Kakatiyas, the fort has seen many dynasties - the Bahmanis, the Qutub Shahis and even the Mughals. Large parts of the fort are still standing and are today a popular picnic spot with the locals. The old fort and the ruins afford spectacular photographic opportunities.

What you will see and shoot

Architecture: Many parts of the fort still stand, and more importantly, are easily accessible. There are numerous buildings within the fort that typify the architecture of the Qutub Shahis, and for the architecturally minded, Golkonda is a treasure trove of images waiting to be made.

Light and shade: Within the ruins there are several places where light and shade come together dramatically, and offer the opportunity for innumerable compositions.

People: Golkonda has been a popular picnic spot for the locals for over a century and that makes for very interesting pictures. Visitors throng the fort in the cool of the morning, and their colorful attire against the rocky fort wall make for interesting compositions.

Historical Landscapes: The craggy rocks on which the massive fortifications are built make for a fantastic setting for some stunning landscapes that evoke how the fort looked in historical times.

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